What Kind of Talent Will the Upcoming Draft Bring?

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According to Newswire, the NHL draft is a monumental time during the course of the off-season. As a seasoned veteran of the industry, the agent mentioned in the editorial is speficially known for his extensive hands-on experience in viewing, dissecting, and analyzing actual in-game footage of professional contests.

Source: https://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00094155-keith-mckittrick-joins-gold-star-sports-management.html


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Career Spotlight: From a Representative Role to an Advisory Role

Keith McKittrick is singularly equipped to manage the careers of professional athletes.

He understands their needs and has the experience to help shape their careers, giving them the opportunity to make the most of their goals and aspirations.  Keith currently serves as the Executive Vice President of the Gold Star Sports Management Group’s North American Hockey Operations division, working directly with clients and securing lucrative endorsement deals, negotiating contracts, and building brand awareness for the professional hockey players he represents.

Early Years and Education

A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Keith grew up playing sports.  As a child, he and his family moved to Minnesota, where he played hockey and football at the high school level.  After graduating from Hutchinson High School in Hutchinson, Minnesota, heentered the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management in 2005.  His education and his background as a player prepared him well for the challenges he would face in his professional career, giving him the tools needed to not only help players achieve success on the ice, but to enjoy blossoming professional athletic careers.

An insider’s perspective of the Red Wings’ practice facility.

Collegiate and Professional Coaching Roles


Keith didn’t wait long to begin his professional career.  In fact, as he was completing his undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota, he took on his first role as an assistant for the Minnesota Wild, a team in the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). He learned several valuable coaching techniques with the Wild that he would carry forward into future coaching roles.

After graduating with his degree, he took on the role of Director of Hockey Operations for Michigan State University.  Among his many duties there, he worked closely with player development programs in the Michigan State Hockey School for children and the MSU Blue Line Club.  His primary responsibility at MSU was to provide in- and post-game evaluations of the players, helping them to achieve their goals and to advance their level of play.  He also worked as a player recruiter, traveling around the country to meet with young athletes.  His directorship also included managing the hockey team’s annual travel budget and logistics. During his time at MSU, he helped lead the team to a National Championship in 2007.

Also in 2007, he was selected for the staff of Team USA.  The hockey team competed at the International Ice Hockey Federation World Junior Championships in Leksand, Sweden, where the team won the bronze medal.

Keith got the opportunity to rejoin the NHL in 2008, when he was hired as an assistant video coach for the Detroit Red Wings.  His primary responsibility as a video coach was to manage video footage capture of practices and games, which was then used to conduct player reviews and reports.  By using the video, he and the rest of the coaching staff were able to help bring out the best in their players.  He also was able to work with players directly during on-ice practices, assisting in skill development and training programs.

After six wonderful years with the Red Wings, Keith relocated to Portland, Oregon, where he joined the Portland Winterhawks Hockey Club, a junior team that is a member of the Western Hockey League.  In addition to working directly with players during on-ice practices, he also assisted in recruitment and player scouting duties during his time with the Club.

Current Activities

Blessed with many years of high-level coaching experience in a variety of roles, he made the decision to follow his passion, moving to the field of sports management. In 2016, he joined the staff of the Gold Star Sports Management Group, first as a player agent and then becoming the Executive Vice President of the Group’s North American Hockey Operations division.  He currently works directly players, including both professional and collegiate hockey athletes.  His role is in assisting in contract negotiations as well as building individual player “brands”, opening doors to marketing and endorsement opportunities for his clients.  By personalizing marketing platforms and applying his vast knowledge of player needs and goals, he has been able to represent his clients at the highest levels of the sport.  His work with the Gold Star Sports Management Group and his expertise in player management have helped position the company as the premier player representation firms in the world.

Reflecting on: ‘Team USA disappointed in World Cup Performance’

McKittrick on the Red Wings, a few years ago.

Source of article: https://www.nhl.com/wild/news/team-usa-disappointed-in-world-cup-performance/c-282015738

After an 0-2 slide, the United States National Hockey team were quickly eliminated from the 2016 World Cup of Hockey. They will play a third game, but having already being eliminated, the game has no real relevance.

There struggles were certainly multi-faceted – there wasn’t one single issue, more of a collaboration of issues.


Gold Star Sports Management

Keith McKittrick provides his insight on hockey equipment.

In June, Keith McKittrick decided to join Gold Star Sports Management as an agent. He has obtained over 15 years of experience within the coaching industry. He has specialized in the study of film which he has been able to utilize to improve the skill set of his players. To learn more, continue reading: http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00092956-keith-mckittrick-joins-gold-star-management.html

Video Spotlight: RWTV

Having a great supporting cast can tremendously help the coaching staff.

In a documentary filmed by RWTV, Keith McKittrick is interviewed before a game day. He speaks about the upcoming strategy for the next match. Through meticulous preparation  by reviewing game tape, the assistant coach shares his thoughts on how to improve their performance. For a brief moment, viewers are able to observe the video coach on the ice actually practicing with the entire roster.

The Search Continues For Next NHL Star…

Digital Media Analyst

Since 2003, Keith has served the NHL as an elite mentor to new prospects of the league. With an expansive skill set, he is indeed the premier choice for all management needs. McKittrick has emerged as an qualified expert in the comprehensive analysis of actual in-game footage. For more about his repertoire, view his entire curriculum vitae here.